Holiday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

If there’s anyone who deserves to be on Santa’s “Nice” list, it’s your four-legged best friend. Gift choices abound these days, from yummy treats to clever toys, but not all are worthy of your dog’s bark of approval. We’ve gathered some of the best items for your Christmas wish list:

The Bed of Your Dog’s Dreams

Hopefully you already have a dog bed your dog loves (other than your own!). If it’s time to retire your fur baby’s bed or make an upgrade, Christmas is the perfect time to do so with all the great sales going on. Out of all your dog’s accoutrements, nothing is more important than his bed. Not only is it good for his health, providing support for his body and insulation from both chilly floors in the winter and overheated ones in the summer, but it provides him with a sense of security and sense of belonging. It’s also the best way to keep him off your furniture There’s something to be said for having dog hair all in one spot vs. spread out over all your furniture! 

Selecting the right dog bed can feel just as daunting as picking out your own because there are so many kinds to choose from. Naturally, you’ll choose the size of bed that fits the size of  your dog, but there are other factors to consider too.

GPS Dog Tracking

Part of being a responsible pet owner is making sure your dog can be identified in case he becomes lost. Microchips provide an extra level of protection in case your pet loses his collar and tags. They can be used to locate you provided that your dog was found by someone responsible enough to take him to a vet who can check for a microchip. GPS trackers are much more efficient because they allow you to pinpoint your dog’s location in real time. You don’t have to wait for your dog to be found. You will know exactly where they are at all times. Here is a list of the best GPS dog trackers. 

An In-Home Pet Camera

The best dog cameras can give you peace of mind like nothing else! Whether you’re on vacation or simply at work, with an in-home pet camera, you can keep tabs on what your pooch is up to. Some even dispense treats, offer night vision, and two-way audio.

Gift Cards for Classes, Services and Treats

For those who already have all the basics, how about treating your dog (or dog-loving friend) to a gift of dog training classes or a year of pet insurance? Gift cards to groomers and doggy day care are always appreciated too. Also gaining in popularity are subscription gift boxes. It’s the ultimate in pampering when a box is delivered to your door each month filled with toys and treats.

Come Christmas morning, when the kids get wild, and wrapping paper and toys start flying, the best way to keep your furry child out of the line of fire (and chocolate!) is to give them their own “project,” like a treat-filled chew toy.  And speaking of safety, you might want to read up on all the hazards that come with the holidays. The ASPCA has great Holiday Safety Tips that will assure your dog brings in the new year with gusto.

Whether you treat your beloved dog to a stocking full of his favorite treats or splurge on the best dog bed money can buy, the gift he’ll love the most is your love. For 365 days of the year, he gives you his unconditionally. This Christmas, be sure to lavish some of that love right back at him.