Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving season. It’s a time for great food, companionship of family and friends, and sharing good cheer and fellowship. And your pets can enjoy the holidays too. But it can also be a stressful and even dangerous time for your pets unless you are aware of the specific hazards that holiday celebrations bring and take steps to ensure their safety and well being. Here are some basic tips to protect your pet during the Thanksgiving season. Remember, if you have any doubts or questions, contact Palmdale Veterinary Hospital for more information and advice.

Protecting Pets During The Thanksgiving Feast

Keep the food on the table. It’s natural for people to want to slip pets a treat under the table, but some foods that are safe for humans can be poisonous for animals, including onions, grapes, and raisins. Fatty foods, like turkey skin, can cause a dangerous condition known as pancreatitis. Instead, buy some treats just for them, and warn guests against feeding them.

Desserts are a no-no. Cats and dogs are often attracted to sweets, but chocolate and artificial sweeteners can be deadly for them. Keep the bones away. Poultry bones are especially hazardous for pets, as the sharp slivers can easily scratch and lacerate the esophagus and the intestines.

Partying With Your Pets

Crowds can be very stressful. Gatherings of unfamiliar people, with the inevitable noise and activity, can make a shy or nervous animal very uncomfortable, causing them to be irritable and more likely to bite or scratch. Consider keeping your pet in a separate room while your guests are present, protecting both your pet and your guests.

Guard the Doors

Lots of people coming in and going out of your home creates an excellent opportunity for pets to escape outdoors, especially if they’re nervous and excited.

Keep Pets Away From Decorations

Holiday decorations can seem like an attractive chew toy for pets, but they can easily cause blockages in their intestines. Make sure to keep them out of their reach.

On The Road With Your Pets

Get a health certificate before you travel outside of the Palmdale, CA area. If you’re traveling across state lines or internationally, have Dr. Lynn McEwan give your pet a checkup and issue you a certificate of health. Many states require this within a certain time before traveling. Use restraints while riding in vehicles. Just like other passengers, your pet needs protection from sudden stops and accidents, so make sure to keep them in an appropriate harness or carrier. This also keeps them from unexpectedly distracting the driver.

Ensure Your Pet is Microchipped

At Palmdale Veterinary Hospital, we’re concerned about the millions of pets that go missing each year. If your pet runs away or gets stolen, there’s only one way for shelters and law enforcement to identify it and get it back to you. Pet microchipping in the Palmdale, CA community is like an insurance policy on your dog or cat, allowing others to help it get home when it’s lost. It’s a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes, but one that can save endless hours of worry about your furry family member.

Always Stay With Your Pet

Never leave a pet alone inside a vehicle for any reason, no matter the weather or the length of time you’ll be gone.

Pack Essentials For Your Pet

Most people spend a lot of time deciding what to pack for themselves, but often neglect to do the same for their pets. Make sure your pet has enough of any required medications, plenty of food and refreshments, and anything else that will contribute to their comfort and safety. It’s a good idea to bring along copies of medical records too in case of an emergency.

You love and care for your pet as a member of your family. A little knowledge will protect them through the holidays, and all the year round. If there is any question, contact Palmdale Veterinary Hospital for any pet health information.

Happy Thanksgiving!